Sunflower oil or corn oil are perfect for brownies, pancakes, muffins, cookies, (cup)cakes and pies.

Unrefined coconut oil (solid at room temp) can add the thickness that butter would, and canola oil works in recipes with liquid sugars (honey, agave, maple, rice syrup, etc.) or solid fats, such as groundnuts or chocolates in cakes.

Vegan shortening works well with cookies and piecrusts.

And of course, there’s margarine, which creates the buttery taste so many holiday cookies require.

Stay away from sesame (untoasted) and olive oil because they can leave a bitter taste and have a very strong individual taste. For recipes that have a natural spice or flavor to it, such as spice cookies or gingerbread, they might work well, though.


Honey and rice syrup work great for brownies and general baking.

Maple syrup works well with chocolate mousse.

Coconut blossom sugar and birch sugar work well for baking and subbing sugar.

Be careful with stevia and gave syrup because they can leave a bitter taste when using too much.


Soy flour works well for brownies and pancakes.

Vinegar and natron work well for desserts.

Bananas can also be used to substitute eggs in baking.

Heavy cream / whipped cream:

To substitute heavy/whipped cream for baking, desserts and frying, soy cousine can be used.


Of course, water can be used to substitute milk for baking.

If you like to add a little more taste to it, you can use soy milk (vanilla or natural), almond milk or oat milk.