Ready In: 30 minutes                                 Serves: 4 3/4 cups

As almond milk at the groceries can be really expensive, I started making my own.

It’s at least as good as the grocery bought ones and the ingredients cost me about half of the grocery price.

This is an organic and sugar free recipe.


Almonds (loose)

Medjool dates (if you want it sweetened – recommended)

Vanilla extract



  1. Let almonds sit in water for at least six hours or over night.
  2. Drain and rinse almonds.
  3. Blend almonds with Medjool dates.
  4. Add vanilla extract. Blend again.
  5. Add water (for every cup of almonds use two cups of water).
  6. Pour the milk in a nut milk bag and squeeze it into a bowl or jar to separate the milk from the fiber and get rid of the chunks.
  7. Refrigerate.