Ready in: 20 minutes or less                                 Serves: 4 3/4 cups

This is a very simple, organic and sugar free recipe.

It’s the perfect refresher for a typical New York summer and great for in-between. In summer, I make this twice (or more often) a week.


1/2 watermelon (or 1 mini watermelon)

1 liter sparkling water

1/2 lime


  1. Cut the watermelon in small chunks and put them in a blender.
  2. Add the sparkling water and turn the blender on the highest speed (usually 5 – smoothie level). Blend until smooth.
  3. Pour everything into a pitcher.
  4. Add the lime.
  5. Let the lime sit for at least 45 minutes and refrigerate for at least an hour.


Before you add the water, you can blend the watermelon itself very shortly (on speed 5 – or the highest speed on your blender). Because of that, it won’t take so long for the entire mixture to blend (depending on what blender you have, but mine obviously has troubles reaching all the chunks in a timely manner). Also, sometimes the blade doesn’t reach all the chunks (often because it is simply too much). If that happens, I always use a knife and push down the chunks so they get to the blade. If you blend the watermelon itself beforehand, it won’t be necessary to put the blender on the highest speed after you’ve added the water. Speed 3 will suffice.

If you are using a mini watermelon (to be honest, I have only used the mini watermelons because I think they are sweeter and they don’t have any of the black seeds, only the white ones), the blended melon alone will make about a half liter (~ 17 oz), depending on how much juice or water that melon contains. I always fill it up to a liter (~ 34 oz / ~ 4.5 cups) and then blend again. Very often, this makes the amount go down again. Then I fill it back up to the 1 liter mark and blend again.

You can add the remaining water (usually not more than 1/2 cup) once you poured it into the pitcher. Most of the time it will be so less that it doesn’t make sense to keep it.

If it is one full pitcher (I always use one that holds 4.5 cups), you can also use a whole lime.

To avoid that the lime zest might make it a little bitter, I cut the lime in half, and then cut off both ends. This way, you get two thick lime slices.

Personally, I always let the limes keep sitting in the pitcher. I mean, they don’t hurt anyone, do they?


If you don’t like it fizzy, the sparkling water can be easily substituted with non-sparkling water.

Depending on the condition of the watermelon at the time you make the Spritzer, you can keep it for 2-3 days when constantly refrigerated.

If you do have to refrigerate it, use a jar (or whatever you have handy) with a lid so you can close it.